soarin’ scurry

soarin’ scurry was created by dolphin dungeon games, a team founded by members michelle pineda, nikolas wood, and i.

soarin’ scurry is a two-player racing game where the characters on screen are controlled by how the players move their bodies in real life. players run in place on programmed floor mats to make their character on screen run, and they flap their arms while wearing programmed arm bands to make their respective character on-screen fly.

inspired by the crowds that gather around a talented Dance Dance Revolution player, we aimed to this create a game that is not only fun to play but also worth watching, as a spectacle.

soarin’ scurry was presented at MAGfest’s 2019 Indie Arcade.

Check out our original prototype for this game, started at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017!

process pictures

sketches done by michelle pineda, and final floor board created by michelle pineda and nikolas wood.


logo’s created by nikolas wood