off season

off season was my senior thesis for maryland institute college of art! i did all the narrative and game design, the character design and animations, and inputting all of it into unity. i did most of the c# programming, excluding plugins for camera movement and dialogue trees. i also crafted all the background dioramas. 

it's a narrative-heavy game about a boy, poet, who wakes up near a strange fairgrounds with a little demon, quill, and no memory. poet must figure out who of the 7 employees in the fair cursed him by both interrogating them ... and using quill to haunt their memories. poet starts to realize his forgotten past is tangled with the fairgrounds more so than he thought. 

off season is a love-letter to all my favorite things: toys, puppets and an old fashioned murder mystery.

music and SFX composed by Lauren Azuma.

i post progress on my instagram!

off season trailer: 

first two minutes of gameplay:

background sets:

process pictures: