CHINPUN KANPUN is a point and click puzzle game about the feeling of being in a different country. Although I'm Japanese, I don't speak the language very well at all, so when I go to Japan I feel lost and confused. However, because Japanese has an alphabet specifically for English or other foreign words, with a little work and context clues, it's easy to understand many things. 

The language in here is made up so that any player can experience this feeling. 

A Fruitfull Harvest is a collaborative game made by me and three others. Two players each control a bird on either end of a net, restraining their movement. They must coordinate their flight to close the net and avoid branches, or open it and catch fruit. 

I worked on coding, UI design, character design and animation. 

It's currently in an arcade cabinet, but you can download to play here.

TINY MONSTERS is a point and click game. Mouse around the environment to discover secrets and figure out what each monster is looking for. Clicking on the correct object progressed the story.